HTML5 Offline Applications

HTML5 Offline Applications


One of the tenants of an inter-connected network of computers (or the web) is that you basically take for granted that you have a reliable connection to the internet. In this podcast I discuss the concepts and mechanics of taking your applications offline and making them available at all times regardless of connection status.


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Meet Offline.js

One of the libraries I’ve grown to love lately is Offline.js which according to its tag line allows you to “handle your users losing their internet connection like a pro”. This is a very well-executed offline detection library and I highly recommend you check out the docs and the GitHub repository.

As I was working with Offline.js I wanted a simple way to put my pages into a state that would simulate a broken internet connection. Since this feature wasn’t a part of Offline.js I created a plug-in that renders a checkbox on the page and makes it super-simple to simulate your application losing it’s connection to the internet. You can check out the plug in here: Offline.js Simulate UI.

Music Courtesy of Andrew Bordoni

As I stated in my last show, I’ve really been enjoying the work of Andrew Bordoni. Songs from his album Songs of Future Past are featured in this show. I hope you get a chance to check out all his work on CD baby:

Andrew Bordoni: Songs of Future Past