nBuilder, Ugly Outfitters and VM Workshop

In this episode of the Polymorphic Podcast I interview Gareth Down of nBuilder. Writing demo applications, prototypes and tests just got a whole lot easier using the fluent interface of nBuilder to quickly generate test objects in .NET.

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Fast Feed Gets New Life

I would like to extend a huge thanks to Cory Fowler (@SyntaxC4) for his contribution to the Polymorphic Podcast Fast Feed. The Fast Feed is an RSS feed to versions of podcast episodes that are sped up and pitch corrected (no chipmunking here) so you can listen in a fraction of the time. Cory asked me on Twitter if I planned to convert the show’s archives. In a gesture of kindness to us all Cory volunteered to convert the entire back archives of the show into the “fast” format. Now that I have all the files, I’ll release two vintage shows a week until we catch up to present episodes – it’ll be a blast from the past!

In all his spare time, Cory is also behind jTweetr – a jQuery interface for Twitter. Make sure to check out Cory’s blog and his posts on jTweetr!


I highlight a number of resources in the show. Here are the relevant links: