MVP Commander : Command Line Utiltiy for Generating MVP Stubs

The MVP Commander is a console application that you can hook up to Visual Studio to generate your MVP stubs just as seen on the MVP Stub Generator. Check out the video to teach you how to implement this utility on your machine. Make sure you download the code or the EXE before you begin.

The MVP Commander will allow you to pass in a few arguments in order to generate MVP stubs into the VS output window. The first argument is the feature name and the second argument is a semi-colon delimted list of events.

MVP Commander Dialog Box

The code generates to the output window by default in C#.

MVP Commander C# Output

You may also pass in a third argument which will generate your code in VB.NET

An example of the arguments used to generate the code below is:

BlogViewer Load;Clear vb

MVP Commander VB Output

MVP Commander Resources