Doppelganger: An Epic Battle for a Name

Doppelganger: An Epic Battle for a Name

On one side of the battle you have a mild-mannered programmer who gets tweets from famous people that were never meant for him - and on the other side you have a well-known entertainer who really wants to get those tweets!

This special edition of the Polymorphic Podcast I am joined by Craig Shoemaker The Lovemaster! For listeners of the Polymorphic Podcast that may not know, Craig Shoemaker the comic is a successful actor and stand-up comic who’s appeared in scores of roles from "Scream 2" to "Parks and Recreation" and even as far back as “The Fresh Price of Bel Air”. He's guested on “The View”, he's been on “Hollywood Squares”, he's been a part of "Comic Relief" and "Comics Unleashed" and Craig regularly tours around the country with his original stand-up comedy act.

After a few years of having our Twitter names mixed up...

@craigshoemaker @ST94_Insider When are the 2 shoes hanging on your podcast?? And we shall duel for the Twitter handle!

— Craig Shoemaker (@thelovemaster) November 19, 2013

...we got together to talk about confusion on the internet and some surprisingly odd similarities between two very different people.

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Introducing Andrew Bordoni

Music featured on the Polymorphic Podcast is courtesy of Andrew Bordoni who is one of my new favorite independent musicians and guitarists. If you like instrumental rock guitar in the vein of Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Gary Hoey and the like, then Andrew is your man! Please make sure to check out his albums on CD Baby:

Tracks heard in this podcast are from the album Andrew Bordoni and Friends:

Andrew Bordoni and Friends