Develop with Passion like Jean Paul Boodhoo

Develop with Passion like Jean Paul Boodhoo

Buddy Stein does it again. Listener Buddy Stein emailed in a question which I answered in our last show with Jeffery Palermo. I had to laugh when I got this next email from Buddy:

I really enjoyed the podcast with Jeff Palermo where you addressed my email regarding the Scott Hanselman show. I guess the bottom line for me is the emergence of what I'm calling the ABC Pattern.
A nything
B ut
C ode - Behind

Some listeners think the audion production could use some work. I agree! Please feel free to email in any suggestions or comments you have about the production or content. Send your feedback to

Today's show is a fun conversation I had with Jean Paul Boodhoo. I have great respect for JP as a technologist as well as someone who is willing to keep pushing himself to the next level. You don't meet people like this every day!

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