Introduction to Dynamic Data

Get started with ASP.NET Dynamic Data with some practical advice.

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In this show you will learn how to:

In interest of keeping the screencast down to a manageable size I give you the tools you need to get started, but the code download has even more to offer than what you see in the demonstration.

In the download you get the following custom field templates:

The Code

The download includes the Dynamic Data website and a backup of the database I used to run the application. To get this site working on your machine I suggest you go through the following steps:

  1. Restore the DynDataDemo.bak file to your machine in SQL Server
  2. Open the website and delete the App_Code -> DemoDataContext.cs file
  3. Create a new file LINQ to SQL file named DemoDataContext.cs under App_Code
  4. Open the DynDataDemo database in the Sever Explorer and drag the Contacts table on to the LINQ to SQL designer; Save and Close
  5. Double check line 12 in the Global.asax to make sure the type name you are passing to the RegisterContext method is correct

...after thinking about it I wish I would have included these steps in the screen cast ;)

The only other consideration is that to get the RichDateTime field template to work you will need a copy of NetAdvantage for ASP.NET. You can download a trial version of the suite if you don't have a copy. (See below for a chance to win a free license as well!)

Download the code here

Win a Copy of NetAdvantage for ASP.NET

The first person to email me the correct answer to the trivia question featured in the audio podcast will win a copy of NetAdvantage for ASP.NET. You have to listen to win :)


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