Twitter Bootstrap

Building attractive, well laid-out, responsive and useful websites can be hard enough, but sometimes just setting the foundations of basic interactivity can take longer than you’d like. To help alleviate the pain of getting websites off the ground, Twitter Bootstrap (@twbootstrap | blog) is a UI framework that includes a 12-column grid system (fluid and fixed), extensive base CSS rules and a wide array of jQuery components and plugins.

Baked-In Responsiveness

In addition to the goodness already mentioned, a basis for supporting a responsive design is baked right into the framework. The CSS media queries you need to to adapt for desktop, tablet and mobile browsers are readily available. There are even predefined CSS classes that allow you to target phone-only, tablet-only or desktop-only scenarios. (The other way around works too – where you can hide elements for phone, tablet or desktop with the application of a simple CSS class).

Excellent Documentation

The documentation site was built using Twitter Bootstrap, so anything you see on the site is exposed easily by doing a quick inspect element in your browser. What’s even better is that you’ll hardly ever need to view source on the site because  Mark Otto (@mdo) and Jacob Thornton (@fat) have done an amazing job of writing actionable, by-example documentation for bootstrap.

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