What’s New in ASP.NET for .NET 3.5?

On today’s show we chat with Devin Rader, Product Manager at Infragistics and co-author of Professional ASP.NET 3.5. Devin is responsible for the data source, user and server controls, LINQ, IO and modules and handlers sections of the book. We discuss the updates in .NET 3.5 and how they affect ASP.NET.

During the interview we cover the following topics:

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Headed to TechEd Developer’s Conference

I am busy this week getting ready for my first TechEd. I’ll be recording at the Infragistics booth a number of shows for Pixel8. Additionally I will be at Party with Palermo at the Glo Lounge – looks like a lot of fun!

A Show on Building an Application from End to End?

I received a few emails requesting that I do a screen-cast show or series on how to build an application from end-to-end. Time constraints being what they are this is just one request I haven’t found time to do – but why should I when we all have Rob Conery?

If you haven’t taken a look at Rob’s MVC storefront yet – you should. His series covers a lot more than just MVC in the series. I highly recommend it.

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