Architechting Ajax Applications

Sample Code & PowerPoint Deck

Get the sample code & PowerPoint deck here. Please note the code requires Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Web Developer 2005.

What is Ajax?

What is Ajax NOT?

What’s to Dislike?

Ajax Application vs Ajax Website

An Ajax website would be a website that is from top to bottom built with Ajax. This type of website would have all navigation, content management, advertisements and the like managed through an Ajax engine. The URL would never change and the website would be confusing to the user.

A Ajax application is an implementation where a user would have no expectation to be able to copy URLs and interact with the applicatoin using many of the web conventions. GMail is an excellent example of this. Should you choose to forward an email to a friend, you wouldn not copy the URL.

The point is to use Ajax where its appropriate and sprinkle small Ajax applications or design patterns around your site where necessary that way you preserve the established usability standards on the web. You do not want to loose your users.

If Building A Website...

Problems arise when you

Examples of Ajax Applications

What is Development Like?

Frameworks for Each of These Languages Exist

Specialized Frameworks

What Can Ajax NOT Do?

Does Ajax Scale?

Scaling Ajax

Is Ajax Secure?

Is An Ajax User Secure?

Myth: Spying is easier with Ajax You could always spy on your user

Be responsible

Ajax Architecture

Design Patterns

Ajax Design Patterns

Server-Side Code Generation

Ajax Stub

JSON Message

Will You Implement These Patterns?

Hopefully you will not spend too much time implementing these patterns as a good Ajax framework will have already done the heavy lifting for you.

An Example with the Ajax.NET Framework

Multi-Stage Download

Predictive Fetch

Periodic Refresh


Microcontent Issues

Display Morphing

Submission Throttling

Explicit Submission