You Say It's Your Birthday?

The First Anniversary Show

On January 11, 2006 the Polymorphic Podcast celebrates its one year anniversary. This is a short look back at the last year and all the fun we've had...


  1. Got iRiver for Christmas 2004

  2. Heard first "podcast" of Leo Laporte's interview with Matthew Bischoff about podcasting on my iRiver

  3. Started listenting to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code

  4. January 11, 2005 launched first show

  5. Drove Mrs. Shoemaker crazy with podcast talk

  6. On 1/24/2005 Heard Adam Curry mention .NET and ran outside my office to record a "promo" for the show

  7. On 1/29/2005 Called in to Leo Laporte's show on KFI in Los Angeles. Leo was very generous with his time on air talking about podcasting

  8. Found out about independent band Shachah - got permission to use "Free Indeed" as an intro to the show

  9. Started looking for professional voice talent at Radio Daddy and met Scott Fletcher

  10. Started promoting the show as much as possible

  11. In June, conducted first interview ever, which became the Paul Wilson interview

  12. OC Podcasters

  13. TechPodcasts

What Others Are Saying

Thanks to all bloggers and podcasters who have written about and mentioned the show.

Below is a quote taken from Paul Lockwood's review of the show.

Craig Shoemaker has made great progress with this podcast which he clearly puts a lot of effort into...

Much like DNR the interviews depend on who is being interviewed and Craig makes a pretty good Larry King extracting the most from his guests. I would be slapping the guests around for technical accuracy, but that is a one good reason I do not have a podcast! Talking of technical accuracy; not once did I hear Craig give out inaccurate information. He obviously researches before pressing record.

Audio quality is often a bug-bear of niche podcasts. In true ‘my laptop has a built-in-mike and I want to podcast now’ style the audio was initially terrible; I think Craig did it on one those ‘plastic-cup-tied-to-a-piece-of-wet-sting that ran to his neighbor’s house’ type device we all played with a kids. He was probably underwater at the time too, speaking through his nose... I could go on :) Download his first podcast and take a trip back to podcasts in [early 2005].

Future Goals for the Show

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